tirsdag den 16. februar 2010

Interpretation of a Edward Hopper painting
Compartment C, car 293
The first picture is made by Edward Hopper. He's using the dissapearingpoints and colors of his paintings to guide the viewer through the story he want to tell.
In his picture the little lamp on the wall isn't lit. Instead a great light is comming from above, from the cealing that seems to have no end.
The dissapearingpoints and lines goes straight through the girls chest and head. Ending in the forrest and sunset you can see through the window. But it's not a sunset. If you look closer you can see a shadow underneath the bridge, which means the sun shines from above. The colors though matches th girl sittting in the train. Her clothes and hair. So has she crossed the bridge? Is she headding somewhere new?
The only cold colors in the compartment is the green seat the girl is sitting in. Is she uncompftable? Is she dead?
The magazines she's reading has the same colors as her dress, but the pages are blank. If Edward Hopper would have, he could have put detailes in there.

In my continuation of his painting I have desided the subject "where are we going in life?"
To me a forrest symbolizes life. It cand be big, small, scary, beautyful, mysterious, dark and bright.
The girl has now reached the end of the tracks. In front of her her new life appears. But she hassitates to go. If she wants to, she can take the train back to the life she knows or she can get off and beguin to fill the empty pages of her magazines. (Look in the treetops)

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